Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

When we think weight loss we think metabolism.

Metabolism or metabolic rate is the process of how your body burns calories.

More calories burned equals more fat loss and more weight loss.

There are so many ways you can speed up your metabolism and get the results you want.

Become a fat burning machine with these 10 ways to naturally speed up your metabolism. Lose more weight easier with these little lifestyle changes.

Boosting metabolism can be by the foods you eat, the way you work out or even little things in your day to day life.

Once you figure out how to boost your metabolism your body can become a fat burning machine.

So today, let’s dive into the quick ways to speed up your metabolism for easier weight loss.

1 – Eat Breakfast

First things first eat breakfast.

Your waistline will thank you.

By eating breakfast first thing you are in fact boosting your metabolism.

Think about it like this, your body just slept for 8 hours so it was in a fasting state.

Now awaken it with a good healthy breakfast to stimulate your metabolism for the day.

2 – Eat Healthy Fats

The key word is healthy here.

Just because I said fats does not mean going all out on cookies.

No, I mean healthy fats such as avocados, chia seeds or olive oil just to name a few.

These healthy fats can speed up your metabolism and turn into fuel for your body.

3 – Drink More Water

Not only does water have amazing benefits for your skin and over all health but it can speed up your metabolism as well.

Your brain detects hunger and dehydration the same.

You may feel hungry but instead you need water.

Instead of reaching for a snack, try a cold glass of lemon water.

That might just be what you need and in turn eleminating the unnessary calories.

Studies have shown by having several cold glasses of water will speed up your metabolism by 50 calories a day.

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4 – Drink Green Tea

Last week I talked about the benefits of green tea has on weight loss and that is because of the metabolism burning affects it has.

Green tea can naturally speed up your metabolism.

It contains antioxidants called catechin polyphenols that have been found to give your metabolism a little boost.

I have found this especially helpful in a weight loss plateau.

So if you are struggling to see the scale move, try introducing a green tea into your daily routine.

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5 – Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs rest for so many reasons, but can be a huge factor on your metabolism.

Sleep plays a huge role in regulating metabolism and appetite.

When you get too little sleep your body produces more of the hormone called cortisol.

Why is too much cortisol bad? Well in the simplest terms, your body will hang on to more fat.

Another factor is insulin.

With too little sleep your body can not process your insulin levels correctly.

What till happen is your body will have trouble processing fats correctly into energy.

Try to aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

6 – Eat Smaller Meals More Often

To keep your body moving we need fuel aka nutrient dense food to keep us going.

By eating smaller meals 6 times a day you are constantly keeping your body nurished with what it needs.

You are less likely to binge eat by eating smaller meals every few hours throughout the day.

Feed your metabolism all day long so you are converting it into energy.

A sure fire way to speed up your metabolism quicker.

7 – Do Not Restrict Your Calories

In order to lose weight the healthy way you do need to keep your calories lower than hat you burn.

However, by restricting your calories too low you are ruining your metabolism.

Just like I said your body needs fuel to burn.

When you dip your calories dangerously low you are risking your health.

Your metabolism will actually slow down and what you think you are losing is not fat. It’s muscle and water. Not ideal for when you are trying to really lose weight.

8 – Avoid Yo Yo Diets

I hate the word diet. More so I hate that there are so many that claim to be healthy.

If you want to speed up your metabolism do it healthy.

There is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss or leaning out.

It’s a slow and steady pace here.

When you switch from one diet to the next just to see results quicker you are doing more harm than good.

If you stick with nutrient clean eating foods, working out regularly and staying healthy that is your best bet for success.

9 – HIIT Workouts

HIIT or high intensitiy interval training has become very popular over the last few years.

The main benefit in adding HIIT into your weekly routine will speed up your metabolism and burn fat like crazy.

By the short bursts of high intensity your body is going to burn fat longer than if you stayed on a treadmill at the same pace for the same amount of time.


Hiit workout freebie image %281%29

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Due to its high intensity, you should only include a HIIT workout twice a week.

There will be very little benefits to try to do it more, your body needs time to recover.

Alternate it with your strength training workouts for the best results.

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10 – Lift Weights

Lifting weights can be amazing to speed up your metabolism.

When you get into a good strenght training routine your muscles will become leaner.

The leaner they are the more calories your body will naturally burn.

Ladies, do not be afraid to lift. You will not get bulky you will see the results you want by adding in weights.

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Become a fat burning machine with these 10 ways to naturally speed up your metabolism. Lose more weight easier with these little lifestyle changes.

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