10 Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

How do I start living a healthy lifestyle?

A question I get asked a lot.

Healthy living is more than just just eating well and working out. Its a lifestyle change!

In order to live a healthy lifestyle you need to create habits.

Healthy living is more than just eating well and working out. It's a lifestyle change! Here are 10 tips to live a healthy lifestyle you should be following.

Habits that will lead into life long goals.

Start off small that way you are setting yourself up for success. Pick one or two of my tips to live a better lifestyle and stick with them for 30 days.

So let’s dive into these 10 healthy lifestyle habits you should make.

1 – Drink More Water

Not a lot of people drink enough water each day.

Water has amazing health benefits. Drinking water increases your energy, flushes out toxins, balances out your blood sugar and makes your skin look great!

An average person should consume at least eight glasses of 8 ounces of water each day.

If you look at a large water bottle, usually being able to hold 24 ounces, you can easily hit your daily amount of water.

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2 – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is crucial for our bodies and mind.

We need at least 7 hours of good quality sleep each night.

If you are not getting enough rest this could cause many things to happen to your body that are not good for you.

Sleep helps our brain focus better, improves memory and regulates healthy blood sugar levels.

Think of sleep as a reset for your mind and body. Maintaining a good sleep pattern is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

3 – Be Active Every Day

Being active should be part of a healthy lifestyle habit.

Any activity is better than no activity.

Aim for 30 minutes of some form of exercise each day.

This can improve your mood, boosts your energy as well as lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.


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4 – Cut Down On Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats that our bodies are not able to break down when consumed too much.

What ends up happening is you will become sluggish.

They lack the important things you need such as vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

When you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle looking at what you are putting into your body is pretty important.

5 – Eat A Well Balanced Diet

This goes hand in hand with cutting out processed foods.

Eating well balanced meals fuels your body the way it is supposed to be.

Get in your fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs and good fats.

Your body needs these to work at its best!

By cutting out a food group you are doing more harm than good. It’s all about moderation.

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6 – Unplug From Technology

People that live a healthy lifestyle unplug often.

Technology is great however we can become addicted. We live in a world now that the answer is right at our fingertips.

And don’t even get me started on social media.

Put the phone, laptop or iPad away. Make a rule for yourself no technology after a certain time of day or go a whole weekend without it.

Think of all the time you could get back! How many hours a day do you spend on non work related technology?

I’m sure it’s a decent amount.

Before you know it you are sitting in bed scrolling through Instagram and an hour has gone by.

This is a very bad habit that many of us are guilty of. The light on these devices before bed can also hurt your sleep patterns.

7 – Reduce Your Stress Level

We all have some sort of stress in our lives but increased amounts for long periods of time can be dangerous for your health.

High levels of stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Find something to decrease stress.

When your stress level is under control you will be able to manage day to day life much easier.

8 – Cut Back On Sugar

A few weeks ago I wrote and entire post about the benefits of cutting back on sugar.

Excess sugar could lead to many problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Your body does not need it.

When you consume excess sugar all it does is play with your mood.

Think about it. When you eat sugar you instantly spike your blood sugar creating a high. You have more energy instantly.

However, once that sugar breaks down, you crash.

It becomes a never ending cycle and not a good one.

9 – Soak Up The Sun

Throw on some sunscreen and get outside at least 30 minutes a day.

Natural sunlight triggers vitamin D which is very important for overall health.

Not only is exposure to sunlight linked to lower blood pressure,
cholesterol and better brain function but it is a natural way to help with your mood.

What the sun has to offer for mental health is a biggie. Sunlight increases your brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is taking care of your mental health too and it should not be ignored.

10 – Be Kind To Yourself

Practice self care!

Especially for us moms. We are so busy talking care of everyone else we often forget to take care of ourselves.

Let go of that mom guilt and hire a babysitter if you have to.

If you do not make yourself a priority once and a while you will burn out and have no more to give.

It’s that simple!

So, take some time for yourself when you need to. Go for a walk, get a manicure or do some window shopping. Do whatever you want to make you happy.

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Healthy living is more than just eating well and working out. It's a lifestyle change! Here are 10 tips to live a healthy lifestyle you should be following.

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