Healthy Morning Habits

Do you struggle with healthy morning habits?

Mom’s, I completely understand you!

For years I have run my home with many routines, however, healthy morning habits did not come naturally.

I am not a morning person and rely on coffee — ALOT!

But, once I started really taking my own healthy morning routine seriously it changed the game for me.

Okay, I still run on coffee but you’ll read about that later in this post.

Do you struggle with a healthy morning routine? Start your day off healthy with these easy healthy morning habits that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here are my 10 healthy morning routine habits that have changed my healthy lifestyle journey.

1 – Get Enough Sleep

First and foremost my healthy morning habits start with sleep.

Sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and promotes weight loss.

Our bodies and mind need sleep.

Hitting that 7 hours or more of sleep can make all the difference in brain function, helps muscle repair and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Make it a habit to get good quality sleep each night.

Start by doing something relaxing before bed. Read, take a bath or journal.

Whatever it is to get you tired.

I have gotten into the habit of using the using the sleep mode function on my phone.

It reminds me of when I need to stop for the night and get ready for bed.

Plus, it turns off all notifications after the time I set it for.

2 – Don’t Hit Snooze

This goes hand in hand with sleep.

Avoid that snooze button.

I am so guilty of this.

Once a snooze-aholic, is that a thing?

I was that mom that had many different alarms on her phone.

First one was set for 5:45, then 5:55 you get the picture.

In those short snooze sessions we are not getting the quality of sleep we need so by snoozing your doing more harm than good.

You’ll probably be more tired throughout the day.

Instead try to start getting to bed earlier so you can get the quality of rest you need.

3 – Wake Up At The Same Time

When you wake up at the same time every day you fall into a great sleep pattern.

Part of my healthy morning habits is sticking to a pretty strict sleep schedule.

Now, I understand with kids this is not always possible but I do my very best to be in bed no later than 10 pm and up by 6 am.

Not only are you getting the rest you need on a consistent basis but you will be more productive during the day as well.

4 – Hydrate Yourself

No not coffee, water.

When you drink water as part of your healthy morning habits your giving yourself amazing health benefits.

When you wake up your body is in a fasted state and is dehydrated.

Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning will help hydrate your body, regulate your metabolism and jump-start your energy for the day.

Coffee, although it is a magical thing will actually dehydrate you more. So it’s best to drink water first and then coffee after your body has been up for a little while.

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5 – Don’t Skip Breakfast

The healthiest way to start your day is with breakfast.

Are you looking to lose weight?

If so, starting your day off with a protein packed breakfast is key!

I see people cutting back on meals all the time, which is not a good thing.

The key to a successful healthy lifestyle is moderation.

By having a protein packed breakfast in the morning this will help you feel fuller longer.

You are still cutting calories this way but by skipping a meal entirely could mess up your metabolism.

Listen, I get it we are busy moms but there are so many healthy breakfast ideas you can make in no time.

Check out this post I wrote a few weeks back Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas.

6 – Plan Your Meals

Whatever mom you are, stay at home, work from home or working outside of the home take the time to plan your lunch and snacks.

By planning them out ahead of time you are going to stay on track much easier when it is already made for you and you don’t have to think about it.

7 – Take Time For Yourself

As part of my morning routine I wake up before my kids.

That way I have a little me time in the morning.

As mom’s we often think about ourselves last but by not taking time for you, you’ll eventually burn out.

Waking up just a little earlier allows me to get ready before my kids uninterrupted. It’s something I try to do every morning.

8 – Workout

There is something about working out in the morning that kick starts your entire day.

This can be part of your me time if you’d like. Mom’s are always multitasking, right?

My workout schedule as a mom has changed often. Depending on what ages my kids were I would schedule it day by day.

But mostly working out has been a morning habit for me.


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I could do a quick HIIT workout at home before they wake up. Or I could take them to school and go right to the gym.

If you have little kids and you stay home grab a jogging stroller and get outside for a jog as soon as you can in the morning.

9 – Open Your Blinds

One of the first things I do as a part of my morning routine is open my blinds.

Since I generally wake up by 6 am it is still a little dark, but when the sun rises it is a great feeling.

While I am helping my kids get off to school my whole house fills with sunlight which boosts my energy.

10 – Ditch The Phone

Limit the phone in the morning.

I know it is tempting to go through emails or scroll on social media but it can wait.

Get into the habit of putting the phone away and focusing on more productive things to do every morning.

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Do you struggle with a healthy morning routine? Start your day off healthy with these easy healthy morning habits that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

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