Healthy Evening Habits

Do you have a hard time with healthy evening habits?

It’s so easy to slack when it comes to staying healthy at night.

After a long day at work or with my kids the last thing I want to do is be healthy.

Convincing myself I earned that pint of ice cream and binge-watching Netflix until I just fall asleep on the couch.

Do you struggle with a healthy evening routine? Here are 11 tips to help you create a healthy evening habits to help you lose weight.

I was a night owl and sometimes I still fight the urge to stay up way to late.

Habits and routines are great for running my home and making sure my kids get what they need but I really struggled to get myself on a routine that works.

A healthy routine that is!

Eating right, working out and doing the things I needed to do for me to be a healthier mom.

When I stick to these healthy habits, I feel so much better about myself that I have more to give to my family.

It’s a win win that I never realized until I went all in.

So today, I’ll break down 11 of my healthy evening habits that have become a game changer for me in my healthy lifestyle journey.

1 – Go To Bed Early Enough

No matter what time you wake up in the morning make sure you are going to bed early enough to get at least 7 hours of solid sleep.

We need sleep to repair our bodies and mind.

A good night of rest is very important for living a healthy lifestyle plus it promotes weight loss!

Get into the habit of creating a good sleeping pattern so your body can rest and recover.

2 – Do Something Relaxing Before Bed

Getting to bed at a decent hour may not come easy to some people.

I for one am a night owl by nature so I had to train myself to get to bed early if I want to get enough rest.

With three kids that woke up early and still do, now for school I made sure I set myself up for a better sleep pattern way before it was light’s out.

Take a bath, read a book or write in a journal. Anything you have to do to make sure you relax your body to prepare itself for bed.

However the phone, laptop or TV is not something you should go for.

Technology is great but when it comes to sleep it does not help relax you.

3 – Put Your Phone To Bed

Make it a habit to put your phone to bed too.

Long before your evening routine!

It’s so easy to get hooked into scrolling social media or catching up with the texts you forgot to reply to during the day, but try not to.

First by staying on your phone you are procrastinating sleep.

Second when looking at a screen right before bed it triggers your brain to keep going, making it harder to fall asleep.

I use the sleep function on my phone so I know when to start my healthy evening routine.

It alerts me that I have a certain time before I should be in bed if I want to get 7 hours of sleep.

That is when I set my phone on charge away from my bed and do not pick it up until the morning alarm goes off.

It will also silence things through the night so I am not interrupted or tempted to see any notifications I have.

4 – Stop Snacking

Those late night snacks can add up calories faster than you think.

Even if it is a healthy snack!

In order to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, a easy way to do this is avoid snacking late at night or right before bed.

Most of the time we are only snacking because we are bored or thirsty anyway.

Most of the time it is not because we are hungry.

So distract yourself with a relaxing activity or have a glass of water.

5 – Stretch or Do Very Light Yoga

Either yoga or stretching can relax your body which is why I have it in my healthy evening habits.

The last thing you want to do is a full workout before bed, save that for the morning.

For me, like many of us momma’s I only have a small window to hit the gym so I do not often stretch as much as I should during this time.

Before bed take about 20 minutes with some light yoga poses, foam rolling or stretching.

Not only will this relax you but it will help your muscles recover faster after a good workout.

6 – Pick Out Your Workout Clothes

Eliminate the effort in the morning and pick out your workout clothes the night before.

If working out is one of the first things you do each morning then you are already dressed to play the part.

This is such a mind game!

I know for me if I do not set my clothes out, I can and will convince myself not to workout that day.

I know it sounds silly but it is a little trick that pushes me.

If you work outside of the home and after work is when you come home to workout, lay them out anyway.

Or better yet, change into them when you leave work.

That way when you get home you are ready to workout or take your kids on a quick walk before or after dinner.

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7 – Avoid Alcohol

Occasionally I will have a glass of wine before bed but I do not make it a habit.


It really ruins my sleep and ups my calories for the day.

Wine and beer are loaded with unnecessary calories and carbs. They are known as empty calories. It does absolutely nothing for you.

When you consume alcohol your body will use that for fuel first. So when you are looking to lose weight alcohol will really slow down the process.

As far as sleep, alcohol may sound like a good idea to rest better but its actually the opposite.

It can interrupt your sleep pattern by increasing your periods of wakefulness.

Tossing and turning will not get you a good nights rest.

8 – Have Some Dairy

That saying have a glass of warm milk before bed is somewhat true when it comes to healthy evening habits.

Dairy products such as whole milk contain a type of protein called casein.

Why is this important?

Well when you build more muscle you will boost your metabolism.

And a higher metabolism the more calories your body naturally burns so it promotes weight loss.

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Casein found in milk will help you build lean muscle.

Now if you are like me and can not stomach milk on its own, cottage cheese is a great option.

I occasionally have this as my dessert with some berries.

9 – Avoid Caffeine

Hello coffee lovers, I am right there with ya!

I love my coffee!

I think a lot of momma’s do, right?

Well as part of you healthy evening habits start to wean off the caffeine during the later part of the day.

This goes for green tea too! As much as green tea is great for weight loss it will keep you up at night and disrupt your sleep.

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10 – Plan Your Breakfast

Set yourself up for a healthy successful day the next day.

Just like getting your workout clothes ready, do the same with your breakfast.

Plan ahead.

Even if you can not prep your breakfast, make sure you have a plan of what healthy option you will have the next morning.

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11 – Eat Dinner Early

Can you see a pattern that a lot of these healthy evening habits are focused around sleep.

That’s because sleep really is so important on your weight loss journey and overall health.

We are stretched so thin these days that it’s important to rest!

That said the earlier you eat dinner the better.

Eating dinner earlier will allow your body to digest in time for bed and helps with weight loss.

Make that meal count though! Add protein and complex carbs to keep you fuller longer.

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Do you struggle with a healthy evening routine? Here are 11 tips to help you create a healthy evening habits to help you lose weight.


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