Fat Loss Plateau And How To Break It

A fat loss plateau is probably the most frustrating part of your weight loss journey.

Have you hit weight loss plateau? Here are 6 tips to consider when you have hit a fat loss plateau to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

But, they are completely normal and happen when you might least expect it.

Here you are losing weight doing the thing and boom your weight loss efforts stall.

And, when it does you start to think:

What am I doing wrong?

Or, get so discouraged that you start to give up.

You are not doing anything wrong and do not give up hope. You can fix this plateau and be back on track in no time.

Here are 6 tips to consider when you have hit a fat loss plateau:

1 – Don’t Panic

At some point in our weight loss journey you will hit a plateau and it is completely normal.

My advice do not panic and wait it out and see if it was just a bad week.

Sometimes, it could just be hormones especially during that time of the month ladies. I know for me personally I tend to feel more bloated and retain more water around this time.

Give your body some time to see if your weight loss has stalled completely or its just a fluke.

2 – Drink Water and Caffeinated Beverages

Now, I am not saying sugary sodas. I am talking tea or coffee.

Studies have shown that caffeine drinks such as coffee can boost your metabolic rate and increase fat burning.

The same goes for green tea. Green tea contains an antioxidant known as EGCG which can boost your metabolic rate by up to 17% and increase fat burning.

Water goes without saying. Its good for you for so many reasons. Water helps to keep your body moving.

Water is great for digestion, your skin, energy and can do wonders for your metabolism.

In one study people that drink water before a meal have lost 44% more weight over time than others that do not.

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3 – Check Your Snacks and Portions

Sometimes life gets busy, we are eating on the go more and more and you do not really look at how much you are eating.

“Healthy snacks” such as avocados, nuts, protein bars – I could go on and on are healthy but you might be consuming too much.

Read your labels and cut back on your portions. Be more aware of what you are actually eating in each sitting.

A fat loss plateau could be as simple as you are eating too much of a “healthy food” and increasing your calories without even thinking much of it.

4 – Eat More

Now on the other hand you may actually need to eat more!

I know, your thinking Jenn, if I am trying to lose fat why would I eat more?

Your body is smart! When you are in a calorie deficit for too long your body adapts. Your body then starts to fight for survival and hold on to anything it can.

You are actually ruining your metabolism by being in a calorie deficit for long periods of time.

So you need to manipulate your metabolism for a little bit.

Now, I’m not saying eat everything you want but there is something to be said about cheat days and why people take them. It counteracts your calorie deficit as long as it’s in a controlled manner.

When I see a fat lose plateau, I increase my calories over my maintenance calories by about 200 calories. If you are in a calorie deficit of 300 for weight loss, increase your current calorie consumption close to maintenance. That’s an extra 300 calories for a 24 hour period.

This should “re-set” your metabolism and you will start to see a weight loss again in a few days once you go back into your deficit.

Now keep in mind, this doesn’t mean go out and eat all of the things. Still keep it on the healthier side with lean proteins, whole grains and clean eating.

5 – Sleep and Rest

Sleep and resting is such an important part of your metabolism, I really can not stress this enough.

If you are not giving your body the proper sleep it needs, your metabolic rate will lessen.

Studies show that people that do not sleep enough have a higher rate of fat storage and leads to a weight loss plateau.

When you are not sleeping enough your hormone called leptin shifts, this causes you to feel hungry more often as well.

6 – Change Your Workout

Just like your cheat day your fat loss plateau could be from over training. A rest from the gym might be a good idea to get things moving again.

The more you train the more your body becomes used to the energy you are putting out. Remember, your body is smart and will adapt.


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So, you could do one of two things.

  • 1 – Increase your activity. Maybe you are not expending as much energy as you think. Try a different form of training such as adding a HIIT session in a couple of times a week.
  • 2 – Rest! If you are doing a lot of cardio training your body is adapting to it. There is no more wiggle room here. Either add in some extra rest days or lower your intensity for a bit on your form of training.

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Fat Loss Plateau Conclusion

A weight loss plateau or a fat loss plateau are bound to happen around the 4 month mark if you have been consistent.

Before you start making huge adjustments in your diet or workouts, know your body and be honest with yourself.

You either need to push harder or take a rest to reset your body. A tired body will stop responding to your efforts.

If you have been in a calorie deficit and training hard for months, you will most likely respond well to a rest period and break through that fat loss plateau.

On the other hand, only you know what your are doing. Are you putting your all into your workouts or could you do more? Maybe you should start a food journal for a little bit if you think you are eating too much lately.

Weight loss plateaus can be so frustrating but with some adjusting they will not last long and you can be back on the right track in no time.

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Have you hit weight loss plateau? Here are 6 tips to consider when you have hit a fat loss plateau to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

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