Best Cardio For Fat Loss

Cardio for fat loss does not mean hours and hours running on a treadmill.

Mama’s, I hear you we do not have time for long hours in the gym. Let’s be honest, some days you have a very short window to do just about anything.

What if I told you the best cardio for fat loss could be done in just under 30 minutes each day.

Like many of your trying to lose belly fat after babies, I’m sure you can fit in 30 minutes during their nap time right from home.

The best cardio for fat loss for busy moms on the go. See quicker results.

Let’s get into it..

Cardio, I’ll say it “I loathe cardio”. However when your are looking to lose weight or for fat loss it is essential.

There is so much talk about cardio being a double edged sword.

Cardio is great for fast fat loss but if not done correctly can diminish your muscle toning efforts.

The secret to lose more fat is making the cardio work for YOU!

Best Cardio For Fat Loss -Timing It Right

Many believe you should do cardio fasted first thing in the morning.

Well, to be honest there is no science behind this.

The thery is when you perform your cardio fasted you will be burning off stored fat.

It sounds great in thorey but when tested this is not really the case.

Choosing a time to work on your cardio for fat loss really depends on you and the time you have.

There is no right or wrong time of the day that will work best, so mamas you fit it in where you can.

If you are working in a calorie deficit and increasing your heart rate with cardio for fat loss you will lose weight.


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Best Cardio For Fat Loss – The Exercises

HIIT Workouts

I’ve talked about this a few times I am a true believer in HIIT.

HIIT or high-intensity interval training allows you to get your heart rate up without spending hours doing it.

HIIT is comprised of high intensity exercises for short amounts of time.

This allows for your heart rate to pump at a higher level in shorter periods which could lead to you burning fat for up to 36 hours.

HIIT is the best form of cardio for fat loss in my opinion for busy moms that have little time to get things done.

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Circuit training is a form of training that allows you to move from one excersize to another to perform a circuit.

This includes usually around 5 – 10 movements, specifically targeting different muscel groups.

Similar to HIIT where you leave little or no rest however you are not reaching your max intensity.

In circuit training, you are able to give other parts of your body rest while working another.

You can easily do this at home!

All you need is a pair of dumbbells or some form of weights.

Here is a great dumbbell circuit:

  • Alternaing Dumbbell Row
  • Chest Press
  • Single Leg Deadlift
  • Goblet Squat
  • Overhead Dumbell Press
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Flys
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Weighted Sit Ups

This is all done at less intentisty however the benefits for fat loss are amazingly high still.

When you work on cardio for fat loss circuits are a fast, effective way to not only lose fat but to gain musle.

You will burn up to 30% more calories with a circut workout as opposed to a regular weight lifting session.

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Interval Cardio Machines

If you have access to an elliptical or treadmill use them to your advantage.

But, if you don’t you can always invent in a good jogging stroller!

If traditional cardio is your thing the best cardio for fat loss here would be to introduce intervals.

By adding in smaller bursts of higher intensity just like HIIT the more calories and fat you will burn.

So let’s say you love the treadmill, adding in 30 seconds of sprints every 2 minutes is amazing cardio for fat loss.

This could easily be done with a jogging stroller. Just pick up the pace and try to get that heartrate up in smaller bursts.

Beginners take it slow! start with longer rest periods if you need to! This is not a race and consistency is key when trying to lose weight.

Best Cardio For Fat Loss – Duration

There are a few things I need to cover in the duration of cardio for fat loss here.

The National Institutes of Health recommends at least 30 – 45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise three to five days a week.

Although I do agree a minimum of 30 miutes per day is ideal for better results, it just may not be possible.

On days that you might be short on time just increase the intensity a little. If you only have time for a 15 minute HIIT workout well then it is better than nothing!

Due to such high intensity of a HIIT workout you really should only be doing them twice a week.

You can break your week up with a longer light jog another day.

It’s all about balance here.

If you aim for around 100 minutes per week of moderate to high intensity you are on a good track.

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Best cardio for fat loss key points:

Fat loss takes time but no matter what form of exercise you choose consistency is key.

Nutrician plays a huge role in fat loss here as well. You should be eating foods to fuel your body and eating in a calorie defacite.

Hit that goal of 100 minutes per week of moderate to intense activity. If that means the nontraditional cardio like running around with your kids for a half an hour per day then so be it.

Mama’s the best thing you can do is to just be active in some way shape or form.

Play around with your workouts. If you feel better about working out fasted first thing in the morning then go for it.

For me, I find this to work for me where it might not work for others.

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Busy moms guide to lose belly fat with these best cardio fat losing moves

We are not all created equal.

It’s all about what you can do to make it work around our busy schedules to see results the results we want.

Most importantly be safe to avoid injury and take your time in figuring out what works for you. Make sure you are giving yourself rest days as well. Keep in mind your body needs time to recover from any form of training.

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