36 Low Carb Snack Ideas For Weight Loss

Low Carb Snack Ideas are on my mind today! Are you trying to lower your carb intake but finding it hard to?


Confession time, I used to be a carb fanatic. Trying to cut my carbs was the most difficult thing for me and it is not easy for most people.


Looking to cut your carbs? I have 36 Low Carb Snack Ideas For Weight Loss


Carbs are a comfort go to and they are so easy to grab when on the go.


Most of the time I would reach for the easiest thing possible which is higher in carbs. Now I make sure I keep plenty of low carb snacks on hand for easy access. This way it eliminates the temptation.


I have compiled a list of my favorite low carb snack ideas for you guys. The best part the prep time is less than 10 minutes to make and whip these low carb snack ideas together.


By having a few of these low carb snack essentials on hand makes it easy to grab and go or prep a few days worth. Bag them up and you are good to go without the guilt.


Now just because these are low carb snack options remember to keep portions in mind. This is why I like to prep a bunch of these and save them in meal prep containers or little Ziploc bags.


Low carb snack ideas and options to help you with losing weight


36 Low Carb Snack Ideas For Weight Loss


  1. Hard boiled eggs
  2. Celery and peanut butter
  3. String cheese
  4. Carrots and hummus
  5. Avocados
  6. Celery and cottage cheese
  7. Celery and cream cheese
  8. Zucchini chips
  9. Berries
  10. Chicken lettuce wraps
  11. BTL wrap – hold the bread and wrap it in the lettuce
  12. Beef jerky
  13. Turkey bacon
  14. Zucchini boats
  15. Zucchini pizza
  16. Bell peppers and hummus
  17. Tuna lettuce wraps
  18. Kale chips
  19. Kale chicken or turkey meatballs
  20. Walnuts
  21. Greek yogurt
  22. Turkey and swiss roll ups
  23. Berries and cottage cheese
  24. Sugar-free chocolate
  25. Sugar-free Jell-O
  26. Cucumber sandwiches
  27. Veggies and ranch dressing
  28. Cherry tomatoes
  29. Brazil nuts
  30. Pecans
  31. Guacamole and veggies
  32. Roasted asparagus with bacon
  33. Sunflower seeds
  34. Smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls
  35. Pork rinds
  36. Dill pickles


Hopefully, this list will help you come up with some easy low carb snack ideas to keep on hand.


What are your favorite low carb snack options?



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Healthy low carb snack options for on the go.
low carb snack options to help you lose weight
Low carb snack options to help you lose weight


Looking to cut your carbs? I have 36 Low Carb Snack Ideas For Weight Loss
36 low carb snacks for weight loss

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